We just got our first look at Battlefield V via a live-streamed event in London, and as fans suspected, DICE is taking us back to World War II.

The event was a panel setup with Battlefield V’s producers from EA DICE, Lars Gustavsson, Andreas Morell and Ryan McArthur, and was hosted by Trevor Noah. They discussed that whilst they are going back to the roots of the Battlefield they are also aiming to “deliver a World War II experience that nobody has ever seen before” and that they would be doing this partially through exploring the “unseen locations” and the “untold stories”.

Some of these stories will be told through the single-player mode, “War Stories” which has made it’s way over from Battlefield 1. One particular story will feature a young female Norwegian resistance fighter who is pushing back against German occupation. Alongside these stories will also be – for the first time since Battlefield 3 –  a co-op mode. Co-op will be a max of 4-players and is now known as “Combined Arms” where you and three friends will play as a team of paratroopers.

Battlefield V Female Character

As expected from Battlefield games we will see a large and faithful arsenal of weapons and vehicles that can lay waste to a highly destructible environment. To combat multiplayer maps being completely destroyed, a new feature has been implemented called “Fortifications”. The exact details were a little vague but according to producer Ryan McArthur players will be able to “reinforce buildings” and “build foxholes and set up machine guns”. We may not see this in action until E3 but this has the potential to open up new strategic options to players.

Another new arrival for Battlefield V is “The Company” this essentially allows players to customise their characters, whether that’s loadout, or look, and for the first time players will be able to play as female characters. It’s uncertain if microtransactions will be present in the game (although most likely) but fans were reassured that this will not be ‘play-to-win’ and that these customizations will get unlocked by “playing the game”. Also – to applause from the audience – the Premium Pass has been ditched for Battlefield V, so now all those who buy the game will have access to all the maps as they release.

It was confirmed that the first public play of the multiplayer will be at EA Play in Los Angeles, so, therefore, it’s likely we will get further details over the course of E3. Those industry professionals who have already got hands-on with the game have revealed that an open multiplayer beta will be coming, so expect details on that soon.

Battlefield V launches worldwide on October 19th for PS4, Xbox One and PC or three days earlier on October 16th for those who order the Deluxe Edition.


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