Sony Bend has announced that their PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone will launch on February 22nd 2019 with a snazzy new trailer.

The motorcycle riding, “freaker” (zombie) surviving, post-apocalyptic title was revealed almost exactly 2 years ago at E3 2016. The game has come under some criticism after its reveal as gamers were sceptical of what kind of game it actually was. Also, that it felt a little too similar to the tone and style of The Last of Us.

Since then, we’ve seen a little bit more of the game, mostly thanks to Game Informer back in May, where the game’s creative director John Garvin answered a lot of questions about the game and faced some of the scepticism head-on (see below).

Sony Bend as a studio holds quite a bit of prestige in the gaming community, mostly due to being the creators of the Syphon Filter series, but it is worth noting that they haven’t developed a home console game since 2009 as they have only released games for Sony’s portable gaming systems. It feels like a lot is riding on Days Gone being a success, and the general consensus online still seems to be one of scepticism, but, we are sure to see much more of the game over the coming months and with the talent that exists at Sony Bend this could be the a game that pleasantly surprises audiences early next year.


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