Bungie do like to make Guardians wait. Destiny: The Taken King has been out for seven months already, with very little new content in that time to keep people playing regularly. While this is by no means a huge update like we saw with the Dark Below and House of Wolves DLCs, this latest update does make some interesting changes to weapons in PVP. Here, we have listed four weapons and types to try out in the Crucible.

Hakke Lyudmila D – Low rate of fire, high impact Pulse rifle rifle (4 round burst, semi-automatic)


In the update, this archetype of Pulse got a 3% damage boost, which has made these guns very viable in the Crucible. They are able to take down a low-armoured opponent in two bursts if you land all headshots, but are still very good for high armoured enemies such as Titans and Warlocks. The great perk of Hakke Pulse rifles is that they shoot four bullets per burst, instead of three. This gives you an extra bullet to do damage with, although the bullet spread is much wider than on any other manufactured pulse rifle in the game.

As with every gun in Destiny, the perks you get for these is random, but ones to look out for are Headseeker (body shots reward bonus precision damage for a short time) and Counterbalance (weapon has increased stability). Counterbalance in particular is an essential perk for all Hakke Pulse rifles, as it tightens the bullet spread, and gives a simple vertical kick which is easy to manage. Check with the Gunsmith every Wednesday as he occasionally sells the Lyudmila D, which you can keep hold of until he brings a similar roll to the above.

Hawkmoon – Exotic handcannon (Semi-Automatic, high impact primary weapon)


The Hawkmoon has a very special place in this writer’s heart. It was my first drop from the Crota’s End raid, at a time where it and fellow exotic handcannon, the Thorn, were in a class of their own. After being severely nerfed in previous updates, the Hawkmoon is now a very good gun to use in PVP thanks to a decent range boost. What makes this gun special is that it has three ‘Luck in the Chamber’ bullets. These give a significant damage boost that appear at random in the 13-round magazine. It basically gives you a one-in-four chance of getting a damage boosting bullet, but this gets higher due to the random nature of how it procs. You need to be precise, but with practice, the Hawkmoon rewards an accurate hand to deadly effect, with two shots being possible if you hit a headshot and get a Luck in the Chamber bullet to hit.

The Doctrine of Passing – Very high rate of fire, low impact, Auto Rifle


If you have been playing Destiny PVP any time in the last four months, you have without doubt been killed by this weapon. The Doctrine of Passing is a gold tier or flawless reward from the Trials of Osiris 3vs3 ultra-competitive PVP mode. It’s a very high rate of fire auto rifle, the fastest in class along with the Hakke Arminius D. While it might have got a 2% damage reduction in this update, do not worry, it is still very, VERY good. It will always have persistence as an allocated perk, which allows the weapon to be more accurate the longer you hold down the trigger, which is perfect for this type of gun; one that fires fast and has a large magazine size. If you get it to drop with Counterbalance too, then you have a deadly gun that melts at close range that will easily hit consistent headshots. Just be sure not to treat it as a ranged weapon, as its range has been limited with this update. If you are unable to take part in Trials of Osiris, then pick up the Hakke Arminius D. The Gunsmith occasionally sells it, so pick it up and wait for a counterbalanced, braced frame perk set for a similar experience.

Suros Hawksaw – high rate of fire Pulse Rifle


Go to the tower. Visit the Crucible weapons vendor. Buy this gun. Seriously. Do it now, or save up 150 Legendary Marks to purchase it. The Hawksaw is a high rate of fire, low impact pulse rifle. It has built up a reputation as a very solid PVP gun since The Taken King launched, thanks to its high stability and great perk potential. The one the vendor is selling is as close to a god roll you can get without having to rely on one dropping for you in either PVE or PVP. It comes with Counterbalance as its main perk, which gives the gun a very slight vertical recoil, which is so easy to manage. It also comes with Fitted Stock, to further increase stability, and Smallbore, which increases both the range and stability at a slight magazine reduction. The result is that this gun is a dream to shoot. The vertical recoil makes hitting headshots a breeze, so much so that last night, this writer was regularly winning 2 on 1 battles, simply because you could accurately dispose of one enemy and easily target another. It really is a great all-around weapon and should be a definite purchase in this update. Similar guns to look out for are the Suros PDX-45 and the Grasp of Malok.

Let us know what your favourite guns are or which god tier weapons have dropped for you!

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