EA’s latest entry in it’s EA Originals initiative is called Sea of Solitude and comes from Berlin-based indie development studio Jo-Mei Games.

The game features a hauntingly beautiful and waterlogged world, and a playable character called Kay, who is dealing with strong feelings of loneliness that manifest in her appearance. Cornelia Geppert the studios CEO and Creative Director announced the game onstage at EA’s E3 showcase, stating that the core concept for the game is that “when human’s get too lonely, they turn into monsters.” and that the game’s inspiration came from her own feelings of loneliness. Kay’s somewhat monster-like appearance reflects this. The journey of the player is to return Kay to her human form and to “bring her emotions into balance”.

In the reveal trailer we see Kay navigating the world via a small boat, as well as on foot, traversing several flooded areas. It seems like the game will utilise platforming and puzzle sections but will also feature several large monster-like creatures that seem similar in style to her own appearance. Suggesting that perhaps these creatures are similarly suffering from her own feelings of loneliness.

Sea of Solitude is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in early 2019.

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