Grayson, the New York-based Siamese fighting fish, beat up a Pokemon this week and set off to take on the gym trainers as nearly 2,500,000 people from around the world looked on.

In the 170+ hours that Grayson has spent as a Pokemon Trainer, he has acquired his first Pokemon, a Charmander named ‘AAAABBK’ and defeated the rival’s Squirtle.

The fish tank is rigged with a motion detector and each section of the tank represents a button, which lets Grayson move and battle Pokemon through swimming around in his home.

Catherine Moresco got Grayson at Petco some weeks ago. She let him choose his own name from the presets in Pokemon. For the past three nights she has slept with the light on in her New York university dorm so that viewers around the world could follow Grayson’s adventure throughout the night, she told Motherboard.


[Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on]

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