There’s nothing better than the news that your favourite manga is being made into an anime. While we might not know what goes into the decision of adapting a manga, it’s still a disappointment that some real gems have been left to the wayside. Here, we will highlight some beauties that absolutely must be adapted into anime form one day.

As the only horror manga that will be mentioned here, Doubt is certainly special. You only have to look at the front cover to know that it’s going to be spine-chillingly good. From the name, you can guess that it’s going to be deeply psychological, and that guess would be correct. It surrounds a mobile phone game known as ‘Rabbit Doubt’; a group of online players are all given a rabbit avatar, but there is one ‘wolf in rabbit’s clothing’ hidden amongst them. The rabbits must work together to identify and kill this player, all as the wolf kills them secretly, one by one. A group of Japanese teenage players meet up in real life, only to fall unconscious and wake up in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Here, they discover their friend brutally murdered, and that they are playing a real life game of ‘Rabbit Doubt’.

28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds until the end. (SOURCE:

28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds until the end. (SOURCE:

It’s true that horror, as a general rule, translates terribly into anime form. But examples like Higurashi no naku koro ni prove that the psychological sub-genre can be well-executed when in the right hands. As well as this, the art style in Doubt is detailed, the concept sound, and the industry is sorely lacking in decent horror shows.

As a complete and utter contrast, we suggest Fruits Basket: Another. The original run of Fruits Basket was a true diamond in the world of romance manga, which was made into a disappointing anime. The manga-ka, Natsuki Takaya, has recently released a sequel to Fruits Basket, titled: Fruits Basket: Another. It follows a shy girl attending the same school as the protagonists of the previous series, as she gets involved with two mysterious boys. Stories of emotional abuse, romance in the face of adversity, and crushing guilt were rife in the original Fruits Basket, and Another doesn’t seem to disappoint. Creators should take the opportunity to turn this extremely talented storyteller’s work to life in the way that it should have done before. The previous anime is around fifteen years old, so Fruits Basket: Another’s completely unrelated storyline would give a good show to both new fans and the nostalgia hunters out there.

The DJ Khaled-inspired manga. (SOURCE:

The DJ Khaled-inspired manga. (SOURCE:

Sometimes, pure girly romance just doesn’t tickle one’s fancy. Dengeki Daisy is a fantastic manga, but an odd one. It mixes in romance with mystery and conspiracies involving government tech and computer viruses. When young girl Teru’s older brother dies, he leaves countless secrets and a cell phone with one contact installed: DAISY, who apparently will watch over her in her brother’s absence. In the years to come, DAISY becomes a pillar of strength, giving her confidence when she has none. While at high school, Teru starts working for the grouchy 24 year-old school caretaker, Tasuku. And from there, a romance soon blossoms. What she doesn’t know is Tasuku’s true identity, and how dangerous it is to get mixed up in his business.

This story has something for everyone. Romance, mystery, tech, questionable age gaps(?) and more. With swathes of bland, trope-tastic shoujo anime being injected into the market each season, wouldn’t it be great to have something a little different?

"But... I can't read without these." (SOURCE:

“But… I can’t read without these.” (SOURCE:

Speaking of different, some of the romance-lovers would appreciate a vampire story that isn’t a disaster of damsels in distress or poorly written love triangles. Millennium Snow may just be the answer to this problem. Chiyuki is a girl with a life-threatening heart condition and doctors have said that she will not life past her eighteenth snow. During this year, she falls in love with Toya, a vampire whose live-giving blood would keep them both alive for a thousand years. Does Toya have the strength to condemn another person to a thousand year fate? This little four-volume series has been greatly overshadowed by the manga-ka’s other work, the infamous Ouran High School Host Club. The images are beautiful and the art mature and elegant. A perfect opportunity!

There are so many more than the manga mentioned above, but you are sure to have manga in your arsenal that would be awesome shows to watch. We need some great new horror, and some of the hidden romance gems need unearthing to give audiences something fresh. What are you waiting for, Japan?

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