Back in my day, we would doodle our way through math class. But after over a thousand hours of maths lessons, I still can’t draw. That’s why I envy the kids of today: if they can sneak a Wii U past their teacher, they can make their way through 30 step-by-step art lessons that teach them techniques like construction, shading and how to mix colours.

Art Academy: Atelier / Art Academy: Home Edition on the Wii U

Art Academy: Atelier gradually teaches you to draw, through lessons that grow progressively harder. You can start with beginner or advanced lessons, depending on your comfort level. You can also use the tools and materials to draw freely.

After you finish an artwork, you can display it in a gallery on the Wii U, share it on Miiverse or upload a time-lapse to YouTube. Those time-lapse videos can be one, two or five minutes long. You can also import or export artworks on SD cards, like in Art Academy: Sketchpad.

Art Academy launched yesterday in North America, where it will be sold exclusively through the Wii U eShop under the name Art Academy: Home Edition. It reaches Europe today, where it’ll be known as Art Academy: Atelier.

Note that if you already own Art Academy: SketchPad on the Wii U, there’s a $4/£3.59 discount waiting for you.

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