Over the weekend, NetherRealm put out a video via the Mortal Kombat Community Youtube channel, showcasing some of the unique multiplayer and community features that look set to play a big role in the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

We already know Mortal Kombat X will have a ton of content from the get go, such as a fully fleshed out story mode, 1v1 ranked, king of the hill, survival mode etc. But one of the more interesting features revealed in the video is the inclusion of factions. Essentially, the first thing you choose in the game is to belong to one of five factions; Black Dragon, The Brotherhood of Shadow, The Lin Kuei, Special Forces and The White Lotus. Everything you do in the game contributes towards your faction in a weekly ‘faction war’, a persistent meta game that builds off of the core game, giving a wider context and stake to playing Mortal Kombat X. At the end of the week, a faction winner is determined which earns you rewards, but you can also rank up inside your own faction and unlock custom rewards and perks specific to the faction you’ve joined.

What’s great about this is that it doesn’t matter if single player is your thing, or whether if you enjoy playing competitively in ranked matches online: everything you do contributes to your faction, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore fighting game fan or just somebody who enjoys a good story; you can still contribute equally to your chosen faction. You also earn more points for beating players from other factions, so it actively encourages a feeling of camaraderie and teamwork amongst your faction, which is something we’ve not really seen from a fighting game before – a genre that by nature has long been a very solo experience.


“Adding something to the game that’s never been done before, we’re going to have a much more aggresive and elaborate online experience.  We really wanted to build on the whole community feeling.” – Ed Boon (Creative Director)

I’m a Street Fighter man through and through. I love the series to the point of obsession, but I’ve always hated the fact that the single player modes and general content have always left much to be desired. Sure, competitive play has always been at the heart of Street Fighter, but it makes it extremely difficult for newcomers to get interested and involved due to the hardcore nature of the game. Mortal Kombat X, on paper at least, looks to be addressing this issue so that no matter what skill level you are at, everybody has a way to enjoy the game. If it works, it does seem to be a fantastic way to keep players involved and engaged in the game as well as opening up the genre to a newer and bigger audience.

Hit the play button below to see all of this in action and more.

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