Game development studio Spiders, best known for the 2014 action RPG Bound by Flame have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Sci-Fi RPG title The Technomancer. Check it out below:

The game is set on Mars where you play as apprentice Technomancer, Zacariah, an employee of one the major corporations on the planet who are fighting over the most precious resource: water.

Your character Zacariah as a Technomancer is a formidable warrior, who through the use of implants has destructive electrical powers, whether you use these for good though is up to you. You will battle a variety of enemies, from other Technomancers, to mutants and giant creatures, along with utilizing a variety of weapons to dispatch your foes. Your decisions and actions will reflect how the story plays out, with the developers promising at least 40 hours of quests.


With Mass Effect: Andromeda being pushed back to 2017, The Technomancer looks like it could fill the Sci-Fi RPG gap for the year that Mass Effect has left behind.

The Technomancer launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 21st 2016.

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