New from Nintendo, announced this week is a NEW ZELDA GAME!!!

Well, kind of… Zelda Monopoly will be released in the USA on the 15th of September and comes with some awesome looking mini-character tokens of the Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang, Triforce and Hylian Shield. As with most themed Monopoly editions, the board has been changed to reflect the expansive range of locations featured in the Zelda verse and the money will be changed to rupees. Gone are the Community Chest and Chance cards, instead Empty Bottles and Treasure Chests come in. Along with this, Houses and Hotels are replaced with Deku Seeds and Deku Trees.

If you pre-order the game at GameStop, you will also be rewarded with six item power cards for “added gameplay” and an Ocarina of Time token (awesome). A sort of DLC (downloadable cardboard), if you will.

These would probably sell for a decent amount of rupees. (SOURCE:

These would probably sell for a decent amount of rupees. (SOURCE:

Unfortunately, it looks as though they have forgotten to change the free parking space (Fairy Fountain, maybe?), the Go Straight to Jail space (I would love to see Tingle blowing the whistle on bad players) and the Jail space itself (Town Jail from Wind Waker, maybe?). The other big indiscretion is the colour on the rupee cards not matching up with the rupee colours in the games. Super lame.

Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be a big hit, and I’ll certainly be looking out for it when it comes out in these shores sometime in the next year.

Here’s a list of the locations from most expensive to cheapest (Dark Blue to Brown, if you know Monopoly) and what game they come from. Interesting to note Majora’s Mask’s prominence – the third most expensive set – which probably means they’re going to remake it…right?

Ocarina of Time:
Temple of Time
Hyrule Castle

Skyward Sword:
Faron Woods
Eldin Volcano

Majora’s Mask:
Clock Town
Great Bay

Twilight Princess:
Twilight Realm
Zora’s Domain
Gerudo Desert

Four Swords:
Vaati’s Palace
Death Mountain
Four Swords Sanctuary

Wind Waker:
Dragon Roost Island
Tower of the Gods
Foresaken Fortress

A Link Between Worlds:
Lorule Castle
Sacred Realms
House of Gales

Minish Cap:
Minish Village
Elemental Sanctuary

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