Netflix is continuing its steady domination of the world of entertainment, and it looks like anime is the next big thing for this TV subscription service. It was recently announced that a Netflix-only anime by Production I.G will be airing in 2016, entitled ‘Perfect Bones’. Forget Crunchyroll – could Netflix bring a whole new future to anime?

Perfect Bones will hopefully be the first of many original animes Netflix adds to its line-up. (SOURCE:

Perfect Bones will hopefully be the first of many original animes Netflix adds to its line-up. (SOURCE:

Perfect Bones is the textbook dystopia from the get-go. It’s set in an alternate future in which scientists have attempted to create the ‘perfect’ humans to keep the peace – already a recipe for disaster in their world. They send their new humans out for a test run when they are captured by a sinister organisation keen to use them for the creation of their own new world order. There is bound to be some drama surrounding the emotions and/or intelligence of the ‘perfect humans’, along with the obvious ethical debate, and the mystery around whose version of the perfect world is right. The moral dilemma seems to be the age-old question: can a perfect world exist? The story is nothing we haven’t heard before, but it’s a concept that is incredibly current and popular. With Production I.G behind the wheel, here’s hoping that Perfect Bones lives up to some high expectations.

Production I.G is a well-renowned studio, boasting works like Ghost in the Shell and the infamous Attack on Titan. These major shows provided massive boosts to I.G’s reputation, and they’re only continuing to grow. Perfect Bones is I.G’s new innovative idea, bouncing off the worldwide popularity of Netflix’s convenient and (relatively) cheap legal streaming service. Many studios, even the anime industry as a whole, suffer under the readily available illegal streaming sites. Using Netflix will give I.G a chance to use the convenience people love about online streaming, while still generating recognition and – most importantly – revenue.

Production I.G's record means we should be in safer hands than THESE. (SOURCE:

Production I.G’s record means we should be in safer hands than THESE. (SOURCE:

Kazuto Nakazawa is the man directing this operation. If there’s anyone we can trust to make a show well-directed, Nakazawa would be one of the top candidates. Having worked in some part on big names like Hunter X Hunter, Kuroko no Basket, and Ergo Proxy, one of his few director roles will be on this anime. The CEO of I.G, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, claims to be ‘very excited’ about Perfect Bones, and others have praised the idea for its international availability. Previously certain anime have only been available for legal streaming on sites that will only allow users from a certain country to view. Netflix original shows look to break this barrier between nations and have shows accessible to all without expensive DVD purchases or illegal streaming.

Perfect Bones episodes will be broadcast simultaneously to at least 190 countries around the world, bypassing lengthy waiting times for many western viewers of currently airing shows. Although there is no release date announced yet, we’ll all be looking out for the announcement. This anime will be joining the exclusively small group of Netflix original shows, which will total just four after it starts airing. Maybe the most popular in this group is The Seven Deadly Sins, a fantasy show produced by A-1 Pictures, who caught on to the idea of online availability and have built massively on the show’s success. It seems that I.G has caught wind of this. This could be a bandwagon that, one by one, the best animation studios will be jumping on.

Looks like Crunchyroll's getting some competition! (SOURCE:

Looks like Crunchyroll’s getting some competition! (SOURCE:

Despite its seemingly unoriginal plot, the credentials behind Perfect Bones shouldn’t let it down. Dystopian shows are all the rage right now, and the international availability of this one could prove to be a major selling point. Netflix is definitely growing in renown, so soon we could see it as a streaming service just as popular as old favourites like Crunchyroll.

Whether it’s an attempt at being a pioneer or just a way of getting people worldwide to watch anime legally, we should all keep an eye on shows like Perfect Bones, because they just might be setting the example for better ways of watching anime to come.

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