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Welcome back to The Weekly Read Pile, a weekly feature that previews the three must-read comic books being released this coming Wednesday, according to me!


Captain America #23


Writer: Rick Remender. Art/Cover Art: Carlos Pacheco

This is a book that has caused a ton of controversy over the past few months, mainly due to Sam Wilson and Jet Black getting it on. However, Rick Remender has not flinched (probably because issues are written months in advance) and continues to take one of Marvel’s flagship characters in his own personal direction. We are now at a point where Steve Rogers has been stripped of his super humanity, and ghosts from previous arcs are mounting a full on assault, with Sam Wilson a.k.a The Falcon set to step up and fill Cap’s boots. Spoilers, right? I feel like this next arc could potentially set a benchmark for the rest of the time Remender will spend on the character, and much like the opening Dimension Z arc, will put Cap through some unique situations that we might not have seen with him before. There is not much I can say about the art of Carlos Pacheco as he is an industry veteran who has delivered high quality work for both DC and Marvel. What I can say, however, is that his art is probably not as eye catching as some of Remender’s previous artistic collaborations. It is worth keeping an eye on this book as Captain America is about to go in some bold new directions over the next 12 months.

Dark Ages #1 (of 4)


Writer: Dan Abnett Art/Cover Art: I.N.J Culbard

I have a soft spot for Dan Abnett. He has written some of my favourite Warhammer 40k novels and teamed up with Andy Lanning (a pairing affectionately referred to by fans as DnA) to spearhead the cosmic side of the Marvel universe. This included probably one of the greatest runs on Guardians of the Galaxy ever in 2008, which inspired a lot of what we saw in the recent film. Therefore, this new mini series pulled me in immediately, especially with the tagline “Starship Troopers meets Kingdom of Heaven”. I think this is the kind of fictional setting that Abnett thrives in, and it will be interesting to see how the book plays out. I have to admit I have never read anything which features the art of I.N.J Culbard; however, if Google images is anything to go by, he has a beautifully unique style that could add some real clout to the setting of the story. I suspect this book will fly under the radar of many people, but it could be a little gem in the making.

Shutter #5


Writer: Joe Keatinge Art/Cover Art: Leila Del

After reading the first issue of this book, I felt a little disappointed. The art was stunning, with beautiful character designs and fantastic backdrops. However, the story did not pull me in and it felt a little disjointed. Luckily, by the third issue, the story had progressed enough and found a nice bit of cohesion that had me genuinely looking forward to what would happen next. Over the past four issues, the comic has turned into a fantastical family mystery with loads of oddball characters and a very interesting universe. A highlight of reading any issue of this book has to be the little mini comic strips at the start and end of the book, which are usually hilarious in a very dark way. I definitely recommend picking up this book while it’s still in its early stages, as it has the potential to be something really special down the line.


Thanks for reading The Weekly Read Pile! Let us know in the comments section which books you are looking forward to this week, and whether you agree with the choices above.

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