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Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Read Pile! Another Wednesday full of freshly printed comics is upon us, so here are my recommendations for which three books I think are must reads this week.

Multiversity #1

multiversity 1

Writer: Grant Morrison; Artist/Cover Art: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

It feels like the comic book world has been anticipating Multiversity for decades. It has taken a long while to develop, and with a writer like Morrison, the time will almost certainly pay off with an amazingly crafted and intricate story that could very well propel it to legendary status in the comic world (yeah, I am that hyped). The story will kick off with an oversized first issue that will set the stage, followed by a number of one shots set all around the multi-verse that will have a running plot thread; however, each of these issues will work as a single closed story according to Morrison. I am a huge Morrison fanboy, so I’m expecting this book to be amazing – hopefully I’m correct. The artists on this issue are both big names in the industry and should deliver some great stuff. If you buy just one book this week, make sure it’s this one.


Manifest Destiny #9

Manifest Destiny

Writer: Chris Dingess; Art/Cover Art: Matthew Roberts

This book didn’t register on my radar when it came out, so when the first trade paperback came out recently, I decided to check it out. Boy, was I surprised, Manifest Destiny is absolutely fantastic. The story has a really cool supernatural adventure vibe, and it plays up to my love of history by giving us “alternate” pasts as it offers a story about the men who initially explored America with the twist being monsters, plant zombies and giant animals. Not to sound over excited, but the art is stunning. Matthew Roberts pulls out some amazing monster designs, as well as really detailed and beautiful scenery. This book is an optical overload with an engrossing story. Time to jump on this wagon, no pun intended.

All New Ghost Rider #6

Ghost Rider 6

Writer: Felipe Smith Art: Damion Scott Cover Art: Tradd Moore

This comic came out of nowhere, really, and it has slowly become one of my favourite books being published by Marvel. Robbie Reyes, the new wielder of the spirit of vengeance, is a character you can almost immediately get behind, as he is someone from an impoverished background who has not let himself be dragged into the world of gangs and drugs, like many of his peers. He fights for a positive change and to protect his family, which sounds like a cliche of the genre, but it really works in this book. Felipe Smith has managed to craft a story that is extremely contemporary, but at the same time, goes back to the heart of the original message of comic book heroes; role models who lead by example and inspire us to strive to be better. The art fits the character perfectly, with bright and fast paced action that jumps from panel to panel effortlessly. This is a great book for people new to comic books, as well as for those of us who have been reading them for years. Definite must read.


That is it for this week, let us know what your picking up and whether you agree with the suggestions made above. Till next week.

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