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Welcome back to another rendition of the Weekly Read Pile! A column where I preview what I think will be the must-read books coming out this coming Wednesday. Here goes!

Saga #22


Writer: Brian K Vaughan Art/Cover Art: Fiona Staples

Although this is the most obvious choice of the week and most people will be buying this book anyway, it is hard to leave it out of the read pile. The book recently had a substantial time skip and has been given a new tone which I have really enjoyed. Vaughan is now presenting the effects of the events leading up to now on the family dynamic that is at the centre of the plot. With new problems and challenges arising, we have been hit with the upsetting news that Marko and Alana *SPOILERS* will not be able to withstand what is to come. I think the strength of this comic is that over the 20-odd issues, it has really created a bond between its readers and the leading characters, which is what you want great fiction to do. Additionally, Fiona Staples has kept up an amazing standard of artwork throughout the whole run, and it is always a joy to run your eyes across each panel and see the artistic flare she has injected. A must-read for everyone.

Avengers #34

Avengers 34

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Art/Cover Art: Leinil Francis Yu

I will admit that I am choosing this book with a huge bias, as Hickman is my glorious leader. I just love the grand universal scale of his stories and how effortlessly they encompass some really high concept sci-fi ideas, while at the same time having really memorable character moments. Avengers and New Avengers have been my biggest highlights since the launch of Marvel NOW!, and Hickman has kept his story looking fantastic even through the Original Sin event. The last couple of issues have had Cap being thrown forward in time in incrementally larger periods, with the last one being around 500,000 years, and learning that in time we wont just have an Avengers World, but an Avengers Universe. I don’t want to spoil much as I recommend everyone to get on the back issues of this series, but there was one moment in particular between a certain giant Tree and Franklin Richards that gave me more feels then I have ever had reading a comic book. Yu is one of a number of very talented artists that has been working hard to out-do each other all the while Hickman has been on this book, so I expect his art on this issue to be outstanding again. I highly recommend everyone to start reading Hickman’s Avenger stuff; it’s a bit hard to get into at first, but once you get a feel of what he is trying to do, it becomes extremely gratifying reading.

Silver Surfer #5

Silver Surfer 5

Writer: Dan Slott Art/Cover Art: Mike Allred

Dan Slott and Mike Allred have come together to give us a book that is just a huge throwback to Sci-fi B movies and classic cosmic books by the likes of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It has a really cool vibe, and does not take itself too seriously while still managing to create some really emotional character moments. I think that is down to Dan Slott, who has a writing style that really appeals to me, and gives me that nostalgic feeling of when I had first started reading silver age comics and everything was just a little on the cheesy side, but in a good way. Mike Allred of course adds to this, with a very retro-inspired art style. The bright colours and solid lines add a very captivating feel to the various aliens and worlds we see in this book. This is definitely a comic worth checking out if you want to read something that will transport you away from the drab mundane world and put a smile on your face.


That is all for this week’s Read Pile! Let us know which books you are looking forward to this week in the comments below!

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