WARNING! This anime is not for the young or the squeamish!

Mnemosyne, an anime written by Hiroshi Ōnogi and produced by Xebec and Genco, is full of gore and violence; quite a bit of sex has been chucked in for good measure too. This very adult anime was televised in Japan all the way back in 2008, yet it is still one of my favourites today. The word ‘Mnemosyne’ itself originates from the Greek goddess who was the mother of the nine Muses (bit of history for you there). There are only six episodes, but they are forty minutes long, which I feel helps get people stuck into the story. The main protagonist, Rin, and her computer expert partner Mimi, are private investigators in Tokyo. However, they have an enemy: Apos, a mysterious asexual mastermind (don’t ask, just watch), who has a serious itch to see Rin killed. In episode one, we see Rin get killed quite horrifically within the first five to ten minutes – its one hell of an introduction. But Rin does not die; she gets slaughtered quite a few times throughout the series, either by gun shots or strange piercing torture, but she manages to pull her guts together and keep kicking ass, quite literally actually.


Also, (without giving any spoilers) each episode jumps forward in time by a good number of years, yet both Rin and Mimi do not age. Neither does their dog, apparently. They are immortals, and their male counterparts are known as Angels, but they certainly don’t act like them. In this fantasy, the women get the urge to be eaten by the males and die for them (I bet the hardcore feminists would have a field day with this one), but the males – though blessed with superhuman strength – do not live for very long, which is some kind of justice, I suppose. The opening is quite cool, and pretty much sums up the general feel of what the anime is about, so if you don’t like the opening, there is a high probability you might not like the rest. There is a bit of humour in places, which is a nice way to break up the seriousness and the blood baths. All in all, I would say this was a well-rounded anime with an intriguing main storyline and a decent amount of weirdness to get you readers interested. Definitely weird, but worth it. Give it a watch, and tell us what you think!

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