For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer to Fallout 4 yet – where have you been? – your character, whether you choose a male or female, has a family before the alarm bells start ringing.

Your character descends into the nuclear vault shelter with partner and child in tow, but emerges 200 years later as the final survivor from Vault 111. The story is not clear yet about how the player’s partner and child passed away, or possibly left, but in the next few months, we should find out what happened to them.

Upon emerging from the vault, you meet your old robot Codsworth, and a little while later, you meet Dogmeat, who can be your new four-legged companion. In a nice touch by Bethesda, Dogmeat was actually based on the lead game designer’s dog, River. Trailers have already shown that Dogmeat will help physically during fights, and could prove to be a useful ally in your journey through the wasteland.

Dogmeat: the only thing in the entire Fallout unvierse that really deserves that damn sweetroll. (SOURCE:

Dogmeat: The only thing in the entire Fallout universe that truly deserves that damn sweetroll. (SOURCE:

Speaking of allies, following the example of games like Skyrim, Mass Effect 2 and The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 will feature romances. This will be a nice touch to a game that is already establishing the fact that the player will have to live like they were truly in Boston after the bombs fell. Weapons are going to be completely customisable by adding bits of scraps here and there, and you will be able to turn a regular pistol into one with a scope and extended clip, just from things you pick up in your travels through Boston. During the trailer, you meet a man named Preston Garvey, who is the head of the Commonwealth Minutemen faction, whose numbers have dwindled down from twenty to five within the space of a month. He was announced to be a character that you could form a relationship with, no matter your gender. Another character you may encounter along your journey is an incredibly charismatic woman named Piper, who can be found in Fenway Park, the world-famous baseball ground.

There are a dozen possible companions to choose from in Fallout 4, adding weight to the belief that it would take over 400 hours to complete everything in the game. While you cannot romance non-human characters, like the robot Mr. Handy (I’m saying nothing), there will be a multitude of humans you can interact with.

MegaMan Vault Boy approves. (SOURCE:

MegaMan Vault Boy approves. (SOURCE:

If you are a bit of a lone wolf and do not fancy a travel buddy, you can always go it alone, which also has its perks, literally. If you make your way through the wasteland alone, you can gain perks, of which there are 70.

Finally, you can create your name to be whatever you want it to be, and your robot friend Mr. Handy will be able to state it, no matter what you call yourself. Keep it clean, guys.

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