About Vexoid


Welcome to Vexoid, a community established in 2013 under its former name of 16bitkings. Vexoid aims to cover what is known as ‘geek culture’ from a more complete perspective, providing detailed opinions, in-depth coverage, and informed viewpoints rather than simply reporting the news. Our team truly cares about what it writes about, and we invite you to join us. Drop us a line at mail@vexoid.com!


Aman Pathiara

Writer and gamer extraordinaire. Lives in hope of new entries to Nintendo’s forgotten franchises. Has so much to say, but always seems to run out of sp


Manish Doolabh

Gamer. DJ. I basically like pressing buttons. Will beat anyone at SoulCalibur IV.


Neil Vadgama

RPG-loving musical genius who plays games slower than Code Talker giving a speech on curing erectile dysfunction with parasites. All your alcohol are belong to me.


Aaron Al

Street Fighter connoisseur, and former Top 10 Blanka player on Xbox Live. Retro game collector. Sucks at Hearthstone.


Jennifer Simpkins

Now a fully simulated adult! Functions almost like a proper human! Also Staff Writer at Official PlayStation Magazine!


Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah

No filter between my brain and mouth. Plenty between my brain and fingers, though.


Bernard Feng

American currently in his 7th year of self-imposed exile, currently in Shanghai. Not quite PC Master Race as he owes part of his childhood to Nintendo.


Dan Lloyd

Angry retro gamer. Legitimate owner of Link’s Master Sword.


Louis Baxter

Vexoid’s film guy. This town needs an enema.


Ellie Pacter

Avid traveller, atheist, zombies, Xbox 360 & PC, drunk gaming, bad jokes, crap movies.


Mateusz Marczuk

All-round comic book guy. Level 100 Paladin. Nolan’s Batman is shit.


Stuart Brown

An avid gamer from when a Master System was a thing and Sonic games were actually good. Nowadays, you can find him on Final Fantasy XIV, and you can summon him by asking for opinions on space wizards.


Linda Hagg

Opinionated bibliophile who loves weird indie games no one ever plays, Garrus Vakarian and dead people. And cats. It’s all about the cats.


Jamie Levitt

Nerd imposter and strong advocate of the “It’s just a prank, bro” defence. Metal Gear agnostic who thought Man Of Steel was OK. Come at me bro.


Fredrik Walloe

Norwegian journalist who loves story-driven games and anything that lets him set things alight. Writes about weird indies.


Ben Scott

The bullets went flying in the night that was so dark. As he went down he looked into the river, red with blood. He was scared but he was brave too.


Ror Brennan

Metalhead, sci-fi and anime fan, loves all things Halo, Final Fantasy and BioWare. Also has great hair and an affinity for cake.


Henry Inskip

Player of games, writer of words and producer of videos. Buys more games than he finishes.


Sean Capri

Plays video games, vacuums, mows the lawn, and feeds/walks his three dogs. You can also find him at We The Nerdy.



Vexoid’s resident ninja. Yes, we have a ninja.


Rian Esterhuyse

Gamer turned semi-responsible person who likes his RPGs. League of Legends is life. And yes, South African internet really IS slower than a pigeon.


Tim Goodings

Refers to himself as a stand-up comedian and writer only semi-ironically. Likes comic books, novels, and films, has been crowned the worst poet in Bristol, and the third worst in the country (seriously). Shares his birthplace with MRSA, and one day hopes to outshine this bitter rival.


Clara Li

Vexoid’s token asian grill. LoL addict. Dota noob. HotS dabbler. Rager. Support main – someone has to carry the carries, right?


Caitlin Napier

Anime and manga addict, tiny metalhead. Writer of fan fiction and reader of books. Her proudest moment was finding a shiny Pokemon, until she accidentally ran away from it.